What’s in a name?

Citation.  It enables your reader to validate and explore your sources.  It also serves as the means by which we give proper credit to others for their work and ideas, which we incorporate into our own works.

I tend to over use footnotes/endnotes.  It is a habit from college – Virginia Military Institute – where the honor code dictated not only that you cite your sources, but even if you had help from a fellow student you were required to indicate “help received” on your paper.

This brings me to the name I chose for this WordPress site, Historiograffiti.  I thought of the name as I was trying to come up with something clever or catchy.  We all realize catchy names for blogs are just ways to show off how witty we are (or think we are).  So as I toyed around with some ideas, Historiograffiti was my favorite.  And once I picked the name, the next step was, of course, to check to see if the name was already taken.  Well, there are no other blogs with this name, but as I researched the web, I found that, indeed, I am not the first to use this word.

German scholar, Wolfgang Ernst, used the term historiograffiti in an article written in 1989 entitled: Historiograffiti : Karikatur als Geschichtsschreibung ; Rezension zu Severin Heinisch: Die Karikatur : über das Irrationale im Zeitalter der Vernunft.

Translation: Historiograffiti: caricature as history, review of Severin Heinisch: The Cartoon: on the irrational in the Age of Reason.

Actually, it looks pretty interesting, and if I can find a translated copy in English, I would’t mind reading the article (my German is much too rusty to try the original).  The point here is that my conscience, and years at VMI, compel me to acknowledge that I am not the first to come up with the word – Historiograffiti.  Consider this one long footnote.


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