I have a BA and an MA in History.  I love the subject – to read, to research, to write.  My expertise is in the American Revolution and the War for Independence, but I am also well read in other aspects of American history, Military history, and Medieval Europe.  Other areas that fascinate me are Irish history, folklore and genealogy; English philology; and Arthuriana.

The appeal which study of the past holds for me is similar to that of a mechanic who likes to tinker and reverse engineer machines to understand how they work.  The process of “doing history” is a means to understanding how things came to be the way they are.  Something as simple as linking the names of streets in a town to the original plot owners excites me.  Discerning the larger patterns and systems at play in large “H” History is an absolute rush.

It is my hope that the essays on this site stimulate interest and maybe even inspire.  If nothing else, this provides me an outlet for one of my passions.

I am a proud graduate of the Virginia Military Institute:


I was an Army officer for seven years.

I now live in Maryland with my wife and daughter


One thought on “About

  1. Working on the Minuteman story of the American Revolution, always surprised to find so many companies and battalions of Minutemen, in action, everywhere from Georgia to Maine …
    In Maryland, the story crosses with the Grosh family history.
    Peter Grosh was a 1st Lt. in the Second Minute Company of the Middle District of Frederick County, in 1775-1776.

    Late in 1775, a file of Maryland minutemen under his command delivered tons of gunpowder and arms to patriot supply {commisary} officers in Baltimore.
    Incidentally, a youthful Francis Scott Key knew Peter Grosh as his “Uncle.”
    … something about a big anniversary in 2014, connecting the two ?

    ANY information on ANY Minuteman in ANY of the Original Thirteen will be helpful in my quest ~
    My book on the Minutemen of the Revolution is an active work in progress.

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